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Our Pricing Policy

TaxTalk has two pricing policies for our services; Fee for Service or Fixed Price Service.


Tax Talk Pricing Policy - Reducing surprises


Fixed Price Service involves an assessment of an appropriate fee for the provision of a service (or services) prior to providing any service (or services) to you.


A fee agreement is prepared and submitted to you for approval.


The timing of fees payable under this arrangement are agreed in advance and can be payable in monthly instalments.


Typically, Fixed Price Arrangements are entered into when the scope or services can be determined e.g. annual tax and accounting services.


TaxTalk prefer to discuss and resolve pricing for our services with clients before we commence any work and TaxTalk also prefer Fixed Pricing Arrangements over Fee for Service Arrangements.


Fee for Service involves tracking the input from team members in providing services to you. Once a service has been rendered the value of this input forms the basis of our fee. These fees are payable within 7 days of invoice and prior to any lodgements.


Discussing pricing arrangements prior to engaging TaxTalk services reduces surprises when fees are rendered.



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