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TaxTalk's Origins

Dominic Barba is the founder of TaxTalk Pty Ltd.


“I have always said, I love my job because I love dealing with people. There is nothing more satisfying than making a difference to the lives of those you meet along the journey. This is more rewarding than any material wealth that you gain by doing so.”


Business is only about people and the relationships you build with them.


We have always prided ourselves in “Knowing our client”. It’s the only way you become great in the people business.


TaxTalk (previously Barba & Barba) was established from humble beginnings in November 1987. With the determination, drive and energy of a staff member of one, Dominic Barba embarked on a dream of building his own business based on his key skill, relating to people from all walks.


Dominic came from a traditional Italian background, the son of a labourer Giuseppe Barba and Liliana Barba, both who were excellent in serving the people in their respective employment. They built their entire lives on hard work and strong family values. These characteristics have been etched in the foundations of TaxTalk and are considered the key ingredient that is Dominic and his team at TaxTalk, continuing to successfully serve the people.   


26 years later Taxtalk has grown significantly and has assisted thousands of people to achieve their personal goals.


TaxTalk has navigated its way through the ever changing landscape of the economy and transitions itself to be ahead of the game, so that the clients are well positioned to cope with the economic environment they are faced with. The breadth of knowledge and experience that is TaxTalk is a valuable resource that our clients constantly benefit from.


Taxtalk is a firm of 8 Staff. We are boutique, we are real, we are personal and we know our people.


Our approach is holistic. Our services encompass every facet of business that clients need.  


TaxTalk gives the impression that all we are is tax. We do more than tax. We are experienced accounting and taxation experts with knowledge and the know how on finance, financial planning and much much more.


Our motto “Taking Care of Business” is who we are. It is what we do and we do it well.


We are about our clients and without them we are nothing. Our clients are the most important asset in our business. We exist only because of them. We exist for them.


Dominic is not your average CPA. He has a love of music, opera, sport and much more. His life is about a team and making a difference to many, whether it be a client in business embarking on a journey to achieve his or her dream, or a young footballer pursuing a dream to play on the world stage.


He is driven towards making that difference as that is the legacy he wants to leave behind.



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